Alpha Debt Settlement was founded on a simple guiding principle – Give consumers currently crippled by debt or financial hardship the tools, knowledge, debt relief solution and options to take control of their financial future.

While this might sound like a simple and obvious concept, it is actually remarkably hard to find consumer-friendly options for those struggling with debt. From Debt Relief companies charging outrageous amounts before any debts are even negotiated, to creditors charging late fees and interest rates that are all but impossible for the average person to recover from. These factors, and so much more, were the driving force behind our founding.

At Alpha Debt Settlement, you will always come first. All fees that you pay to us are based on our performance, and you will not pay anything unless we are successfully able to negotiate your debt down to an amount you are happy with. Unlike many of our competitors, there are NEVER any hidden costs or ulterior motives. We are clear in the goals of our relationship, and will work both diligently and honestly until they are accomplished.

Our Debt Specialists deploy an unparalleled level of empathy and compassion to those experiencing financial hardship, and this means you will end up feeling more like family than just another client. We know how difficult and stressful overwhelming amount of debt can be, and we do everything in our power to make the recovery process as seamless as possible.