Break the Cycle

Debt relief solutions. Being overwhelmed with debt is nothing short of crippling. Even worse, without assistance many are not ever able to pay off their debts and stay forever shackled to their creditors.

Here at Alpha Debt Settlement, our team of expert negotiators are passionate about helping you achieve the financial future that you deserve, and take immense pride in the long-lasting, meaningful relationships we build with our clients.


We have a three step Debt Settlement process that has been proven to be both effective and stress-free for our clients.

1. Have a consultation with one of our Debt Specialists. They will review your current financial situation and be sure that your debts qualify for settlement.

2. If your debts do indeed qualify for settlement, you and your Debt Specialist will develop a savings strategy that works for you and your income. Simply set aside the specified amount monthly and your Debt Specialist will use these funds to negotiate down your debts with your creditors.

3. Once your Debt Specialist and your creditors reach a settlement that you agree to, you will pay the settlement off and be debt free!




Speak with one of our Debt Specialists, who will learn about your debts and current financial situation. Once our Debt Specialist has a firm grasp on the challenges you are facing, they will present you with a Debt Settlement Strategy that will be personalized to your unique situation.


Once you’ve decided you’re ready to start on the path to a brighter financial future, you will be guided through the enrollment process. After enrollment you will be contacted by one of our dedicated Account Managers to welcome you to the program and share more information about the next steps. As we work to settle your debts, your Account Manager will stay in active communication with you and be available 24/7 throughout the process.


Our team of expert negotiators will begin working on your account immediately. As our team receive settlement offers they will first review them for accuracy, and then present to you for your approval. This process will repeat until you are satisfied with the settlement amounts and all your debts are settled.


Once your debts have been successfully settled we will throw you a “Dropped the Debt” graduation ceremony, where we will present you with a completion certificate to celebrate your victory!